Tips on Writing A Great Dental Business Plan

Are you thinking about starting your dental practice? The first thing to do is to get a business plan. A good business plan provides the basic structure for your practice, and frankly, it can help you build a successful business. For a successful dental practice, you need more than excellent clinical skills. As a dentist, you should have a goal in mind, what you want your practice to look like in the long run. It is your business plan that makes that goal achievable.

Besides planning, a business plan can be used as an evaluation tool to monitor how well you are doing compared to your plan. With a well-written business plan at hand, you can set short-term goals and timelines to specific accomplishments. This way, you’ll know if your business is going according to plan or not. A good business plan is also a sign of seriousness to potential investors. When your investors or lenders can see detailed plans to achieve profitable and positive results, they will be more inclined to support your business.

You can write the plan for your business by yourself, or you can get a professional to write your dental business plan Kansas City. Either way, you should know what a business plan contains and understand it too. So what should go into a good plan? Let’s break it down for you.

Executive Summary

Although this comes in front of your written plan, it should be written last as it summarizes everything in the plan.

The Narrative

The narrative is the main part of your plan. A business plan narrative should contain information in different sections, including:

The Business Overview

The overview should state everything your dental practice will look like including its location, the legal structure, staff and salary structures, size of the practice, and even the proposed peculiarities of your dental practice. The overview should also have the financial plans of your business, as well as an exit strategy.

The Marketing Strategy

The results of in-depth market analysis, along with information about your competition, should be included in a detailed dental business plan in Kansas City. The plan should also have details about your marketing strategy.


This part of the plan should give a carefully detailed day-to-day running description of your practice. It should include information, such as the equipment you need, proposed patient flow, and other fundamental details.


Simply put, how much staff do you plan to have? Ensure you put it in the plan.

Management and Organization

Here, you should put the details about your business structure, and your possible partners, lawyers, accountants, and other organizational information.

The Financial Section

A vital part of the business plan, the financial section should clearly state your financial details, the proposed use of your business capital, and projected income and profits.

The Appendices

This part of the plan typically contains charts or graphs showing data to back-up your earlier claims in the plan. It may also contain your CV.

Final Thoughts

When writing a business plan, make sure you are thorough and organized. If you don’t have the technical knowledge, hire an expert to write your dental business plan in Kansas City.