Our Best Selling Tools To Brighten Your Eyes 

Too much screen time? have kids while on lockdown? Or are you just plain tired of the ups and downs of 2020.  A lot of our life is reflected in our quartz eye care by puffiness, dark circles, or wrinkles. Before you reach for a concealer try our best sellers that soothe and smooth on contact.

Best Seller 1. The Eye Tool

Ahh, the classic rose quartz gua sha eye tool. We launched this product in 2018 and it has been a nonstop hit. Use at room temperature or pop them in the freezer for an hour pre-use and experience pure bliss.

After applying a little serum to your eye area starting from the inner corner of the eye glide the smooth tool across to the end of the eye. Lift bring back, and repeat. The smoothness of the crystal combined with its (naturally) cool temperature will help de-puff your eyes instantly.

Use daily to smooth out fine lines and help combat dark circles. In just one session, yes we are not kidding … one, your eye tool will pop and brighten. Dull skin perks up and the product is maximally absorbed to further help with hydration.

Best Seller 2. The Acupressure Tool

After the success of the eye tool, we wanted to follow up with something that will kick it up a notch. Voila Acupressure Tool! Like the eye tool, the spoon portion can be used in the same manner to glide under the eye to de-puff and exert almost the same effects.

The difference is you can use the opposite end to press and stimulate pressure points on the face. The benefits of acupressure are stimulating and activating your muscles to give you tightened skin and a lifted ‘facial’ look.

Both products can be chilled pre-use, and both products can be used in areas of the body other than the face. That’s right, next time you have a migraine glide the back of your neck. Multi-use, fun and they work! What more can you ask for as a little holiday treat for yourself?