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How to Use Images to Increase Your SEO Performance

When humans look at a web page, they see everything; words, images, videos. Search engines, however, just see code. Lines and lines of text, like a scene from “The Matrix.”

The SEO Company San Jose can see that there’s an image on the page, but they don’t know if the image is adding any value to the page. They don’t know if they should be giving your site extra credit for the extra work you did to find the perfect image.

To get this credit, you need to optimize your images for SEO. You need to make it very clear to the SEO Company San Jose that your images are adding value for your readers. And it’s easy to do.

SEO Company San Jose
SEO Company San Jose

Here are four ways to increase your SEO by optimizing your images:

  1. Start with the Save

The SEO value of the images on your site starts before you even upload the image. You can begin building SEO value the minute you save an image to your computer. This means not saving your images with names like “image24vshrio.jpg.”

To boost your image’s SEO value, chose keyword rich descriptions when you save images like “mens_baseball_cap.” Don’t go overboard with the words you chose, just shoot for something descriptive and accurate.

(*Note: there’s great debate over whether you should separate words with an underscore or a hyphen, or even spaces. Don’t sweat this; any format will work. But it’s worth noting that Google uses underscores.)

  1. Name the Alternate

Alt Text, or alternative text, are the words someone would see if they can’t see your image. Have you ever received a newsletter or email that required you to click to see the images? Before you clicked to view the image, there may (or may not) have been words inside the image box. These words are the Alt Text.

Alt text is simply another way to identify what the image is about. And it’s another way you prove to search engines that the image is worthwhile and worth ranking.

Most blogging platforms allow you to write the Alt Text when you upload the image to your media file. Get in the habit of filling out that line.

  1. Size Matters

Size matters when it comes to your images and how they help your rankings with search engines. In this case, too big is bad. If your images are oversized, they will slow the load time of page. Slow load times means low rankings.

The average person will wait only a few seconds for a page to load before they simply move on to the next page. (This raises your bounce rate…also bad.) SEO Company San Jose are just as impatient as readers.

If your page is slow to load, your images are probably to blame. Resize and upload again, pronto!

  1. Find the Format

Lastly, be sure you’ve chosen the best format for the type of image you’re uploading.

The format you chose (.jpg .png .tiff. .gif) will affect how cleanly the image appears online.

Here are Google’s suggestions for formats:

– GIF: Best for very small graphics such as small icons (10 x 10 pixel max)

– PNG: Best for all type-based images such as logos

– JPG: Best for photographs

– TIFF: Google suggests not using TIFFs at all

Don’t worry if your site has been around for a while, and you haven’t been optimizing your images properly. Start making each of these tips a habit with each new image you upload.

Content and SEO: How are They Related?

SEO Agency

Every SEO campaign needs high-quality content that includes the right set of keywords and key phrases to make the website rank higher and pull the attention of the target users. Content is not limited to web content only. When we talk about content, there can be several different types of content such as website content, blogs, SEO articles, social media content, eBooks, videos, and a lot more. If you aren’t clear about the importance of content for SEO, you can ask SEO companies in San Jose to guide you.

Still wondering why is it said that content is the king? Well, you cannot rank in search engines without content. Creating user-friendly and SEO friendly content is the key to a successful digital marketing campaign. Focus on audience-centric content to grab the attention of your target visitors. You can seek help from Expert San Jose SEO company for content creation as most of the agencies have a team of content writers to produce high-quality content.

How to Create Content for SEO?

Perform Keyword Research

The first and the foremost step towards a result-oriented SEO campaign is to choose the right keywords. You can pick long tail keywords to start with. Avoid choosing keywords and phrases that are too competitive. It is advisable to use a proven SEO keywords research tool and select keywords wisely.

Perform Keyword Research

When you create content, you need to focus on the formatting of the content. Focus on optimal readability while writing content for your website. Make sure that you use short sentences and form appropriate paragraphs. Including images in your content helps to improve the readability.


Stick to Your Topic

Before you begin writing content, figure out what topics should you write on. Do not write about anything and everything. Do not try to include dozens of keywords into a single content. Provide useful content to the users by sticking to a particular topic and insert the keywords naturally.

Try to Get Backlinks throughout Your Content

It can be a good idea to get relevant and high-quality backlinks from reliable sources to increase the popularity of your website. Focus on getting backlinks from trustworthy sources so that Google can see your content as credible. An experienced San Jose SEO company can help you get the best links from trustworthy sources to make the site rank higher.

Write Fresh Content

Do not think that once you’ve written web content, you can sit back and relax. Search engines love fresh content and so, it is important to keep changing your content regularly. You can also post useful information through blogs. Share news and stories with your targeted users to keep them engaged.

Well-written pieces of content create a sense of trust among your potential customers. Quality content leads to a higher conversion rate. You can write your content on your own or hire a professional to write top quality content for you. Attractive and user-friendly content will have a lower bounce rate and a positive impact on your SEO.

Content is an integral part of any SEO campaign. It is essential to write user-friendly and SEO friendly content to catch the attention of the target users. You can ask San Jose SEO company to help you write effective content for your website and other platforms.

Chetan Sureja is a professional SEO company that focuses on providing the best solutions at affordable rates. SEO experts working with the company ensure that the clients get the maximum ROI.

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