Is There Antiperspirant Without Aluminum?

Conventional deodorants have multiple functions. As antiperspirant try to clog the pores of the skin in the armpits with aluminum salts, so that only little sweat can escape. The deodorant function neutralizes the smell of sweat and acts antiseptic against bacteria. A pure deo does not prevent sweating, but prevents odor. The fact that more and more people are looking for a men’s deodorant without aluminum is not something new. Conventional deodorants typically contain aluminum as Antiperspirant. Aluminum in the form of aluminum chloride is used to prevent sweating. The pores of the skin are closed so that less sweat comes out.

What causes aluminum?

Through the use of aluminum salts, it is directly involved in the detoxification processes of the body. The human body uses some areas for the excretion of pollutants. Among them are also the armpits. Through the use of antiperspirants perspiration is reduced so that the body can excrete less over the armpits. In some people allergic reactions are caused that manifest themselves for example in the form of a rash (rash) or irritation.

Men's Deodorant without Aluminum
Men’s Deodorant without Aluminum

For years, aluminum is suspected as a risk factor for breast cancer and is associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Can aluminum cause breast cancer?

So far he has not been able to assign any scientific study, that aluminum deodorants are related to breast cancer in women.

But a study of scientists from the University of Keele has highlighted that the frequent use of antiperspirant deodorants can lead to the occurrence of breast cancer cases.

Are there alternatives to aluminum chloride?

Many antiperspirants contain up to 25% aluminum salts. Since consumers now react very sensitive to this issue, more and more manufacturers offer men’s deodorant without aluminum. These deodorants are also safe against sweat stains, although they are without artificial preservatives, perfume and alcohol. According to a market study (Beiersdorf) 72% of consumers want men’s deodorant without aluminum, which leave little or no residue on the skin and clothing.

Due to this discussion, manufacturers are already developing alternatives. Urdeo of Laetitia uses for example alkaline minerals. These neutralize the acidic environment of sweat and thereby prevent the growth of the bacteria that cause the bad smell. The life base of the bacteria is removed and the smell of sweat, which is caused by the bacteria themselves, cannot be formed. Another example is Ovimed. Essential oils and natural plant extracts are used to prevent enzymatic degradation of sweat, resulting in unpleasant odors.

Especially the well-known manufacturers of natural cosmetics such as Weleda, Logona, Lavera or Speick have been offering deodorants without aluminum chlorides for years. Own combinations developed using plants are used to reduce perspiration and sweat odor. The wide range of products from these manufacturers is regularly monitored by independent testing laboratories. Vitamin C is used as a preservative. Natural ingredients such as coriander, pomegranate, sage and eucalyptus protect against odor.

However, it is recommended to critically evaluate the ingredients of the products of some well-known brands of perfume or sport.