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Metal Notebook

personalised notebooks
personalised notebooks
personalised notebooks
personalised notebooks
personalised notebooks
personalised notebooks
personalised notebooks
personalised notebooks

In this unique and exquisite personalised notebooks you will write everything cheerful in your life. As time goes by, this notebook will fill your memories with happiness.

Dimensions: 94×144mm
Material: Paper+tinplate
Pages: 224 pages
Carried Standard: QB/T 1438-2007

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Teething Tips

cool babygrows

Babies don’t stay small for very long. They really do grow up incredibly quickly.

Those gorgeous newborn babygrows you bought don’t fit your little one any more. Your baby seems more irritable and crotchety than usual. He or she is dribbling and drooling all the time and his fist is permanently in his mouth. Your baby is probably teething!

Babies generally start teething around 4 months old but some won’t start until they are over 8 months. Believe it or not there are some babies who cut their first tooth without you even knowing about it. However most babies will have the odd sleepless night crying and dribbling

Symptoms of Teething

  • Flushed Cheeks
  • Pulling at ears and/or chewing their fingers
  • Clingy and irritable
  • Dribbling
  • Messy nappies
  • Nappy rash

Your baby may have all or none of these symptoms. Every baby is different.

As Mums and Dads, we hate seeing our baby unhappy and uncomfortable and we’ll do anything we can to help them.

How To Help With Teething

Keep Baby Dry

It can be a good idea to use a barrier cream on babies chin and neck area. Bibs will help keep their clothes dry.

Make sure you buy babygrows as they are much softer on your baby’s skin. Lots of babies get very sore skin under their mouth and chin when they’re teething so the softer the fabric, the more comfortable baby will feel. I really love this organic bamboo bib. The little elephants are so cute and the fabric is the softest ever.


Choose a Good Teether

Sophie The Giraffe is a very popular teether. It doubles up as a great toy too though. The main problem with Sophie is that she can’t be put in a dishwasher to sterilise as it will affect her squeak. So if you want a teether you can sterilise or put in the dishwasher, then the Comotomo Silicone Teether is your best bet.


Sucking when feeding can sometimes cause your baby pain when he’s teething so you may have to change his position lots when you’re breastfeeding. If your baby has been weaned and is eating solids, give him something hard to munch on. Dry toast perhaps or a breadstick?

Of course you can always speak to a pharmacist as they will have some useful tips and can advise on the best over-the-counter remedies.

Whatever you do though, just remember the most important thing is lots of extra-special hugs and cuddles while baby’s feeling unhappy!


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Preparing Your Home for the Diet After Gastric Sleeve

Diet After Gastric Bypass

The diet after gastric bypass is what you will be following for the first 2 to 8 weeks after you have your weight loss surgery. This diet is going to be completely different than anything you are probably used to. The important thing is that you understand what you are allowed to eat and that you are ready for the bariatric surgery diet when you return from surgery.

If you have a Roux-en-Y you will have a longer recovery time than a person that has the lap band and you feel less like doing things to care for yourself, including dealing with your meals. You are allowed baby food, liquid protein, and pureed strained foods. Nothing should have more than 10 grams of sugar in it and the lower the better. When selecting a liquid protein, choose one that has at least 10 grams of protein per 8 ounces and you can find some that 15-20 grams per 8 ounces.

Liquid protein and baby food are the easiest to manage. Liquid protein can be purchased premixed or in powder form where you just add water and shake. Foods that are purred and strained will take more work, but it can be done prior to your surgery, frozen and thawed before meal time.

Diet After Gastric Bypass1The protein shakes and pureed foods will give you more protein than baby food. It is difficult to get all the protein that you need in a day (60 grams). So, the more than you can get in your foods of choice the better off you are going to be. If you are going to strain and puree, you want to make sure to choose a food that is high in protein diet after gastric sleeve.

Take a few weeks to think about the foods that sound good to you. You will not feel like eating much and anything that is going to motivate you to get the necessary nutrients in liquid form is going to work. It is important that you have it in your home when you get home from the hospital because you will not feel like going out to stock your cupboards after your surgery.

Many bariatric patients make protein shakes a permanent part of their diet. They make it easy to get a lot of protein with few calories. Being successful at losing weight, whether you have had obesity surgery or not, is still about making lifestyle changes.

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